Commercial Plumbing


Has your business undertaken lots of plumbing changes over the years?

Maybe they have been instructed by a predecessor so you are blissfully unaware as to what has been done and are not aware of the dangers as these changes were never really done or recorded properly?

Then you probably have ‘dead-legs’ in your plumbing system! Not as painful as it sounds but it means that your system probably has ‘traps’ that enable hot and cold water to stagnate in sections of pipe. The ‘pain’ starts where these dead-legs are lengthy and have been there for some years as dead-legs provide an excellent breeding ground for germs and impurities, the worst of which can be Legionella. Thriving in temperatures of between 25 and 45 deg C, Legionella may be a silent enemy in your business. Keeping water at high-temperatures will kill Legionella but since hot water discharge temperature is idealised by the HSE at 43 degC to prevent scalding. So without the use of mixing valves, the potential Legionella problem can be self-perpetuating. So these dead-legs can pose a real health issue if left unchecked. Fortunately, the solution is reasonably simple but totally effective. 

CPL Service Response can undertake a survey based on your behalf in accordance with AcoP 2000 legislation and provide you with professional advice before events take-over.

We have vast experience of dead-leg identification and rectification through the stringent requirements in hospitals, including system chlorination, laboratory verification and certification to ensure you and your staff have a safe, healthy and legislatively compliant working environment in terms of exposure to water-borne problems.