The UK industrial sector is under pressure to enhance its productivity whilst cutting on operational costs. 

But with continuously evolving technology, the surge in energy bills, and increasingly stringent regulations on environmental sustainability, it could be challenging to achieve the business’ strategic goals.

That’s where CPL Service Response steps in to provide you with support with our proficient hard and soft facilities management services that are customised as per our premises requirements.

We tend to go beyond service delivery, to maintain long-term reliable relationships with our clients. Our hard/soft services include;

  •       Energy supply management
  •       Water treatment and administration
  •       Legal advice and compliance services
  •       Power distribution for low/high-voltage power distribution
  •       Mechanical and electrical maintenance services
  •       Critical asset and infrastructure administration
  •       Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)
  •       Refrigeration
  •       Fire safety and other emergency system services
  •       Building fabric
  •       Industrial cleaning and chemical decontamination
  •       General and specialist cleaning 
  •       Grounds clearance and maintenance
  •       Pest control
  •       CCTV
  •       Laboratory support services

Benefits we offer in the Manufacturing Industry through our services

Minimal Downtime

Higher Productivity

Improved Safety

Minimal expenses related to sudden breakdowns and accidents

Higher readiness for any intervention needs

Reduced risk of emergencies

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Whether you’re looking for a Facilities Management Specialist for Building Service and Maintenance or just some plain and simple advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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