Heating and Ventilation


Is your heating system performing poorly, sometimes overheating sometimes under heating?

If this is the case it is probably because it is not being serviced regularly in accordance with manufacturers instructions. You will burn money over the long-term unnecessarily on fuel due to poor efficiency that could be saved by maintenance and have a system that works properly too! 

Problems could be anything from minor control adjustments, strainer cleaning, malfunctioning control/balancing valves, pipe work silting, right through to ‘the old inefficient boiler’. 

The solution, ask CPL Service Response to undertake a full survey for you and provide necessary maintenance.

You may be pleasantly surprised that by undertaking some relatively inexpensive repairs moving to a regular maintenance routine, your heating problems may be sorted and energy costs reduced without the need for expensive replacements.

On the other hand, legislation comes into play regarding gas devices and boiler servicing.

It is stated by the HSE that it is the duty of every business to ensure the safety of their employees by undertaking gas appliance testing on an annual basis. 

The cost involved is very little indeed, compared to the potential consequences of a faulty device. CPL Service Response are a Gas Safe Register accredited company and we are then able to provide you with a cost-effective report, assessment and recommendation concerning your boiler or any other gas-fired appliance on your premises.