Health and Safety Compliance


Facilities management is dominated by legislation making legal and regulatory compliance one of the core functions; especially in the health and safety side of the job.

There are regulations in place that your organisation must follow to make sure it is safe and legal. These rules help to protect your employees, customers, and other stakeholders. You are lucky to have these rules, because without them, the workplace would be a lot harder.

Did you know that Industrial sites including commercial kitchens should have their portable and handheld equipment tested every 6 months. While other stationary, movable or IT equipment are recommended be tested every 12 months

Is it worth the risk of a staff member receiving an electric shock from faulty equipment of tripping or falling because on that most unusual occurrence when the emergency lighting was needed, it failed! Claim cost can be very expensive or worse still, a fatality can easily occur. CPL Service Response has the equipment to provide regularised, routine maintenance for both legislative needs here at a very small cost, so providing the staff and management of your business with peace of mind. Each portable appliance will have a sticker indicating the test date and result of that test and emergency lighting results are recorded on a log system so that you are able to prove the compliance of your business.

Again this is something that can be easily overlooked but your business electrical installation must be fully tested and certified every five years to BS7671 NIC 17th Edition and visual inspections should be carried-out annually. I don’t need to remind you that simple earth issues or faults that could be cheaply repaired/upgraded if left unchecked can ultimately result in death. 

Is it worth spending a couple of hundred pounds a year to safeguard, you, your workers and their families such a potentially horrific experience? CPL Response can help by scheduling the correct dates to save you having to remember, keeping you and your business legislatively and personally safeguarded.

COSHH regulation requires employers to control substances with potential health hazards. It involves comprehensive scrutinisation for health surveillance and plan for emergencies to put in place control measures for minimal health harms.

Another headache simply and effectively taken away from you! We are also quite capable of attending to high-bay lighting, car park lighting, flood lighting as well as general office lighting.

We are able to provide Risk assessments and Method Statements for our works and your business in general, together with undertaking COSHH assessments. Call us today for further details.

Do your fixed assets on your balance sheet really reflect the plant and equipment that you have in service? Shouldn’t you know but just don’t seem to be able to find the time to check? Wouldn’t you like to know so that you are in control and know the true value?

These are questions that are asked by Accountants and Company Directors at least on an annual basis! CPL Service Response are able to provide a full asset survey to suit your needs on an annual basis, recording the equipment details via a bar-code system, listing every item of equipment, what it does, where it is located and its estimated useful service life. This leaves you to decide on a true book value and insert other information such as purchase information etc and monitor on-going maintenance costs.

In addition to above, we deal in a wide array of Risk Assessments and Method Statements specific to your industry and business type.