The Benefits of Using a Single Resource for Facilities Maintenance: An Interview with Adam Cartwright, Managing Director of CPL Service Response

As the facilities maintenance industry continues to grow, businesses are starting to recognise the importance of having a single reliable resource for their maintenance needs. In this interview, we speak with Adam Cartwright, the managing director of CPL Service Response, a leading facilities maintenance company based in Birmingham, UK. Adam will share his thoughts on the benefits of having a single resource for facilities maintenance, how it can save businesses money, and how CPL Service Response is leading the way in the industry.


Q: What is Facilities maintenance, and why is it essential for commercial properties?

AC: A robust and efficient approach to maintaining the facilities within commercial properties is essential to ensure the Health & Safety of stakeholders as well as the retention of value of the property itself and the various assets contained within. Facilities Management covers everything, from a leaking tap or a faulty air conditioning unit repair through to compulsory testing regimes for electrical assets, water and gas systems, and at CPL Service Response we can manage all aspects of FM, end-to-end for a wide assortment of properties.


Q: What are the benefits of having a single resource for facility maintenance?

AC: Familiarity and cost-efficiency are the two that come to mind immediately. By having one company in place to handle all aspect of your FM requirement, it means the same faces are coming in to your property and dealing with your assets on a regular basis. It enables FM engineers to become familiar with the different nuances each property will have as well as the different requirements that make each site unique. This also leads on to cost-efficiency, as having that single point of contact means that those more complex jobs requiring several disciplines and inputs can be completed quicker and more effectively, with far less administration and planning on the part of the end user. These two factors enable CPL to partner with existing clients on both Budget Management and Asset Management, which would be significantly more challenging if the client had dozens of subcontractors being arranged separately.


Q: How does sustainability factor into facilities maintenance and management?

AC: Sustainability has become a critical part of FM. It involves reducing the impact on the environment of a building through a variety of methods and is becoming an increasingly important factor within most companies and their commercial goals. We can play our part here, too, by partnering with clients to ensure assets are installed, maintained and repaired with an eye on ensuring environmental impacts are mitigated and the asset’s lifecycle ties in with both budgetary and sustainability targets.


Q: Adam, can you tell us a bit about CPL Service Response and the services you offer?

AC: CPL Service Response offers full Facilities Management services across the entirety of the UK. We have a growing team of in-house engineers across a wide range of FM services, and many of our engineers are multi-skilled. We’ve grown considerably in recent years as a testament to our customer service from both our site-based and office-based teams, and whilst this means we can serve clients more effectively by having larger teams on hand for urgent and emergency works, we haven’t lost the founding principles that gave us our widely-regarded excellent service levels in the first place and still understand the need for tailored services for each individual clients needs as we understand there is no one approach that suits all of our clients.


Q: What sets CPL Service Response apart from other facilities management companies in Birmingham?

AC: We invest in our staff and our technology, we believe our SLA’s and KPI’s are there to be delivered upon – and we do – and we value each and every contract we are fortunate enough to be trusted with. We are keen to continue to grow, but by retaining the flexible, bespoke approach to each and every client that brought us to the table in terms of being a larger FM company, we are in the unique position of having wide-ranging Nationwide resources on hand whilst still having the focus and drive of a small to medium enterprise to ensure high-quality delivery and service for our clients.


Q: How do you ensure compliance with regulations and standards in the facilities maintenance industry?

AC: Compliance is a top priority for us at CPL Service Response. We are registered with a wide-range of industry bodies that regularly ensure our approach, services and processes remain in line with regulations. We also have regular external quality audits, which keeps us focused on continuous improvement, and we have also massively invested in Health & Safety across the board to ensure modern regulatory updates and best practices are adhered to.


Q: What advice would you give to commercial property owners who are looking for a reliable resource for facilities maintenance?

Adam: Look for a company that offers a comprehensive range of services, enabling you to focus on your own key tasks and responsibilities and leave the day-to-day maintenance, repair and installations to specialists. Also, ensure the company you deal with is clear and transparent with both costings and service delivery; so you can be sure that it aligns with both your budgets and your planned and reactive maintenance requirements.



In summary, having a single resource for facilities management can lead to significant cost savings and improved efficiency. CPL Service Response is a leading facilities management company in Birmingham, offering comprehensive services and expertise in property management, building maintenance, and HVAC services. By working with us, businesses can ensure that their properties are well-maintained, compliant, and sustainable.




Q: What is facilities maintenance?

A: Facilities maintenance refers to the upkeep and repair of commercial or residential properties. It can include a wide range of services, such as HVAC repairs, plumbing, electrical work, and general building maintenance.

Q: What are soft services in facilities management?

A: Soft services in facilities management refer to non-technical services, such as cleaning, landscaping, and security. These services are typically outsourced to third-party vendors.

Q: What are hard services in facilities management?

A: Hard services in facilities management refer to technical services, such as HVAC repairs, electrical work, and plumbing. These services are typically provided by in-house or outsourced professionals.

Q: What is integrated facilities management?

A: Integrated facilities management refers to the comprehensive management of all facilities-related services, including both soft and hard services. This approach aims to streamline services and reduce costs by consolidating vendors and services.

Q: What are the best facilities management companies in Birmingham?

A: There are many reputable facilities management companies in Birmingham. However, CPL Service Response stands out for its comprehensive services, expertise, and commitment to sustainability and compliance.

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